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We also work with aspiring picture book authors who have stories that they will like to share with the world. The picture book industry can be a labyrinth to the novice writer. We are here to provide the necessary guidance to the aspiring picture book author.

We are not a ghost writing service, our business model empowers the aspiring author to do the work from the inception of the story idea to the completion of the printed book. This work takes a lot of effort and it is not meant for everyone. First of all, the aspiring author must have the fundamental creative writing skills and a first draft of a story. Then, she must decide what path she wants to choose for the publishing of the work. We will then provide our working knowledge of how to navigate the maze in this industry. 

With a hardworking attitude and determination to bring the work to completion, the author's story will be available to the world. We will encourage aspiring picture authors who are ready to be guided into completing their own books to get copies of our books. Our current books are available on this platform. We will then show the aspiring author the processes required to get these books released to the world.

And, Behold, Our Rates:

One-on-one consultation: $250.00 per hour with 2 follow-up emails. 

A program for at most 4 aspiring authors at a time: $800.00 for 2 weeks with 4 sessions (sign up now by finding these 2 programs on our online shop using this platform).

We will assist the aspiring author to get her story to the world. However, we are not guaranteeing a publishing contract/deal in this regard. We craft stories! We will assist you to craft your own story, too. Cheers.

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